Why You Should Use a Professional Paver Cleaner

Why You Should Use a Professional Paver Cleaner

We’ve all had those moments where we think DIY projects are a fun way to fill a Saturday afternoon. But by Sunday night when you’ve been to the store five times to buy the right equipment and you still don’t have the project done, that’s when you finally realize that maybe you need a professional.

Paver cleaning and sealing is exactly one of those projects. A simple power washing isn’t going to cut it when trying to restore your patios and walkways to their original beauty. Instead, hire a professional paver cleaner to have your exterior surfaces properly cleaned and sealed.

Our team at Clean ‘N Seal put together some important reasons why professionally cleaning is the best way to go!


Having your pavers cleaned and sealed professionally saves you time. You don’t have to hassle with getting the right equipment or researching the right method. DIY methods don’t provide you with a deep clean, either, so you end up needing to clean more often.

A professional paver cleaner has the tools and ability to fully clean, seal, and restore your exteriors in a fraction of the time, and you are guaranteed a deep clean that lasts.

Cost Effective

Because you receive such a thorough cleaning when hiring a pro, having pavers expertly cleaned is the best bang for your buck. That polished look, especially if you have your pavers sealed, too, lasts longer than DIY cleaning. A process that you have to do every year or more, a professional can do once every 3-5 years, saving you money.

Better Clean

As mentioned before, pros use the best equipment. Some expert paver restorerers, like the Clean ‘N Seal team, have water reclamation systems that even recycle the water used when cleaning, so no water is wasted while restoring your exteriors.

This professional system equals a deeper, longer lasting clean that completely removes dirt, grime, stains, mold, and other growing things. DIY methods remove dirt from the surface of pavers, but to really penetrate the surface layer to remove stains, choose the professionals.


A better clean makes for safer surfaces. Once a paver walkway or patio is completely cleaned and sealed properly, the slippery spots from stains, algae, and grime disappear. Your pavers become safe to walk, run, and play on for everyone.

Pros also know how to fix subgrade problems quickly and easily so all of your pavers stay level with no wobbles. You won’t have to worry about tripping over loose or shifted pavers anymore!

Longer Lasting

Once your pavers are cleaned professionally, have them sealed, too. That deep clean lasts even longer when a high quality paver sealing product is added.

Instead of needing to clean your pavers once or twice a year, your pavers will last several years between cleanings, saving you time and money.

Clean Pavers Professionally With Clean ‘N Seal

Keep your exterior surfaces clean and beautiful with the Clean ‘N Seal team’s exceptional services! From paver sealing to concrete cleaning to house washing, our pros save you time and money, while boosting your property’s beauty and safety.

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