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From commercial concrete cleaning services to private patio sealing projects, Clean ‘N Seal has your concrete needs covered. Our complete power washing and sealing process has restored concrete surfaces to their original state from Lake Minnetonka to Woodbury. Your property’s exterior appearance can look like new again, too!

Environmentally Friendly Concrete Cleaning Techniques

Hot water is the key to cleaning concrete effectively. If your property’s concrete suffers from automotive and food grade grease and oil stains, a professional pressure washing with hot water is the best cure.

Our innovative pressure washing and water reclamation systems remove unsightly stains while leaving your grounds and buildings untouched. These systems vacuum up excess water and debris and pump them into a trailer where the water is filtered and recycled. This minimizes water consumption and contains run-off, keeping your property neat and clean.

View our gallery to see how significantly we can improve your concrete patios and walkways!

When to Start Your Concrete Cleaning & Sealing Project

Restoring and maintaining the concrete around your business or home is one of the best ways to keep your property looking fresh and modern. Clean ‘N Seal has impressed many homeowners and businesses with the results over the years – see for yourself in our reviews!

Here are some tips to help you know when to call our experts to improve and update your concrete.

Stain Removal

Stains appear on concrete over time in a number of ways. Human-made stains from automotive grease and oil, tire shine, iron from irrigation, food-grade grease and oil, and hard water buildup darken concrete and make it look dingy.

Old sealer or sealer that has been applied poorly leaves a dull haze on concrete. A white haze appears on concrete through a process called efflorescence, where salt migrates to the surface and fades the concrete.

All of these stains and discolorations can easily be removed with our chemical-free hot water power washing and water reclamation systems without the need to repair or replace.

Concrete Repair

Concrete gets damaged from years of use. Sub-soil settling, tree roots, heavy traffic or impacts, insects or rodents, and joint sand erosion cause concrete to break, sink, and heave. This damage is unsightly and even dangerous.

Before every project, we evaluate the condition of your concrete to determine what repairs are necessary. Our comprehensive plan gives you options on the best way to repair your concrete.

Concrete Staining

Concrete staining creates a beautiful, updated look for any indoor or outdoor concrete surface. Staining does not affect the integrity of your concrete. It gives it years of elegant finish that pulls together your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our professional staining service carefully maintains the look of your property. It enhances your concrete without harming your landscape or buildings in the process.

Concrete Sealing

We complete each concrete cleaning project by expertly sealing your surface. Concrete sealing protects your surfaces from UV rays, salt and ice melt, harsh weather, oil, grease, and other stains. It deters insects and reduces concrete wear and tear.

Our sealing service also brightens the color and texture of your concrete. Your surfaces will look great for years to come!

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