When Is the Best Time of Year to Power Wash Concrete?

When Is the Best Time of Year to Power Wash Concrete?

To keep your concrete surfaces looking and performing at their best, you know the importance of maintaining them. But when is the perfect time of year for optimal cleaning? It might be a longer period of time than you thought!

Along with considering how often your concrete needs to be cleaned, picking the right time of the year to work on it can be based on what your schedule is for each season.

The concrete restoration team at Clean ‘N Seal has some tips on what makes for the ideal time and weather for cleaning your concrete.

Good Months for Power Washing

The general rule of thumb is to avoid cleaning in winter months when the cold can freeze pipes and hoses and create ice on your concrete surfaces. So, March through November is typically the best period of time for power washing.

Spring months are often the most popular, especially in Minnesota, as a way to clean all the salt and winter grime off concrete surfaces and brighten your exteriors for an enjoyable outdoor summer. Having your concrete swimming pool decks cleaned early in spring preps your pool for an early start to swim season, too!

Fall is also an ideal time to power wash as temperatures start to cool and you can remove any stains your surfaces may have accumulated over extensive summer use. Cleaning and sealing your concrete in fall is also a great way to protect it from falling debris and the coming winter grunge.

Best Weather for Concrete Cleaning

When cleaning and restoring your concrete surfaces, do check the weather forecast. For your own safety and for an improved clean, power wash your surfaces when the temperature is above 40 degrees.

Also, avoid washing when it’s raining, thunderstorming, or on especially windy days. Wet and windy weather can create more build up you’ll have to clean again later and prevent you from getting as deep a clean.

Temperate weather is also best when you’re professionally sealing your concrete. Rain and wind will wash and blow away sealant as you’re trying to apply it, leaving you with little to no coverage and wasting your time and money.

Tips for If You Have to Wash in the Winter

If you do find yourself needing to do some sort of power washing on your concrete during the winter months, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Opt for warmer temperature days for safety and more effective power washing.
  • De-ice drives, walkways, curbs, and gutters before you clean so the run-off has somewhere to go.
  • Use hot water and power wash in the sun to help keep your pipes and hoses from freezing.
  • Call the experts for a professional, safe, and effective power washing service!

Schedule Professional Power Washing Any Time of Year

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