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Clean ‘N Seal offers a safe and convenient option for removing and replacing compacted permeable paver joint material. We have seen a need for this particular type of paver joint project throughout the Twin Cities metro area for both home and business owners, which is why we’ve invested in the leading industry standard equipment.

Our team has the skills and tools to tackle these precise paver projects and make your property perform at its best! Check out this video to learn more about restoring paver joint material.


What Is Permeable Paver Joint Restoration?

Some properties don’t have problems with water management; however, sometimes a home or business needs rain water or snowmelt to drain back into the ground quickly. This is why permeable paver joint material is useful.

Clean ‘N Seal uses granite chips that allow water to infiltrate the pavers and go back into the groundwater table efficiently. This leaves your patio, walkway, or plaza dry and clear.

Check out our reviews, and you’ll see why we’ve been the leading paver restoration company in the Twin Cities for over a decade!

Benefits of Using Permeable Paver Joint Material

Both commercial and residential properties gain a lot by restoring their compacted paver joint material.

Minimizes Standing Water

Keep walkways and driveways from flooding by returning rainwater and snowmelt into the ground quickly.

Make Patios Less Slippery in Winter

Stop ice from forming over pavers, allowing patios and plazas to be less slippery and safer to walk on.

Create Sustainable Drainage

Create a sustainable urban drainage system, where driveways and streets endure less flooding and standing water.

Repair Pavers Easier

Allow for easier repair and replacement of paver stones.

Clean ‘N Seal’s Joint Restoration Process

Our four-step method uses the most state of the art equipment to provide an exceptional end result for your walkways and driveways.

  1. First, we carefully break up the old, compacted joint material without harming the pavers.
  2. Next, we extract the old material with a high powered vacuum to excavate joints as deep as possible.
  3. Finally, we install the new joint material, a permeable granite chip, and compact it with a vibratory machine which settles the chips exactly in place.
  4. After the installation, we perform an infiltration test to confirm that the new joint material is allowing water to pass from the surface back to the ground.

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