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  • State of the art graffiti removal equipment
  • Eco-friendly and water reclaiming techniques
  • Fast and effective removal of graffiti
  • Free estimates on all restoration projects

Graffiti on your home or business is an eyesore and an even bigger pain to remove yourself. For a better way to clean up graffiti, paint stains, and unwanted marks on your exteriors, call on the restoration experts at Clean ‘N Seal.

With over a decade of experience in restoring home and business exteriors to their original beauty using our professional media blasting services, you can count on our team to remove any unsightly graffiti, stains, and more. Call today and keep your home or business pristine!

Removing Graffiti

Complete Graffiti Removal for Commercial & Residential Properties

Since graffiti can appear on any exterior surface of your property, our methods ensure that it can be removed from all types of surfaces and masonry. Whether you have stone, brick, or siding on your home or business, our equipment will safely clean unwanted marks off, revealing your fresh, clear exteriors again.

Our specialized media blasting technique also removes all types of graffiti media, from spray paints and marker pens to wall paint and whiteout. Nothing unwanted stays on your business or home’s exteriors.

Remove Graffiti Safely With Professional Equipment

Our state of the art equipment is powerful enough to clean off graffiti no matter the media used or the surface it’s on. At the same time, though, our technique doesn’t harm the substrate of your building. Your home or business stays undamaged throughout the whole process.

Our method doesn’t rely on harmful chemicals, either, which makes it safer for you and the environment. Similarly, our equipment uses a water reclamation system that allows us to pressure wash your surfaces and remove the graffiti while reclaiming the water used. It’s a much more eco-friendly way to make your exterior surfaces look like new again!

Clean ‘N Seal: Your Graffiti Removal Experts in Minnesota

If you need it cleaned, our team is here for you! Get professional help with your graffiti removal project and get your home or business back to its original state quickly and safely.

When you have an exterior restoration project, from house washing and log home cleaning to concrete sealing and paver rejuvenating, let our team take the reins and fully restore your property.

Contact our office in the Twin Cities at 952.393.9588 or in Brainerd at 218.232.3863. Or you can message us online for a free estimate on your exterior restoration project!

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