Pressure Washing

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  • Residential and commercial pressure washing services
  • Professional on-site consultations, inspections, and assessments
  • Comprehensive pricing breakdowns on all projects
  • Innovative recycled water filtration systems

With over 10 years of pressure washing experience throughout Edina, Eden Prairie, and the Lake Minnetonka area, Clean ‘N Seal handles the smallest to the most expansive cleaning projects with detail-oriented precision. Whether your home is ready for an exterior clean or your large-scale commercial parking lot needs an appearance upgrade, your outdoor surfaces will look like new again with our professional cleaning options.

Check out all of our pressure washing services, and find the one that’s right for you!

A Cleaner Pressure Washing Service

While other services may leave your home or business sloppy with excess water, our pressure washing service maintains a neat and clean presence throughout the whole process. From our initial inspection to our state of the art equipment, our services allow your property to get a better, less wasteful clean.

On-Site Consultation

We start our projects with an assessment on-site, so you know exactly what needs to be done for your home or business and how we’re going to do it. Once we make a plan for your property, we bring the equipment needed to specifically improve your exteriors.

Deeper Clean

Pressure washing is a good starting place for cleaning because it removes dirt, grime, road salt, and some stains from most exterior surfaces. However, for harder to remove stains and buildup or for a deeper clean, you may need our experienced hot water and steam cleaning services, too.

If you need graffiti removal or want to strip paint or sealer from your exterior surfaces, check out our media blasting services. No matter the project, our knowledgeable team can clean it!

Less Mess

With our proprietary water filtration system, our pressure washing services leave no mess around your property. As we pressure wash your concrete and paver exteriors, our equipment reclaims the water used, so there is less run-off or excess water pooling on your property.

Environmentally Friendly Filtration

Our innovative filtration system also uses less water consumption by recycling and filtering the water used in cleaning your exterior surfaces. Since our pressure washing process is so effective at removing dirt and stains, we don’t need to use harsh chemicals either. This makes our services better for the environment and better for you.

Take a look at our exceptional pressure washing projects in our Before & After Gallery!

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