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Minnesota winters are tough on a home or business, and ice dam removal from your roof and gutters is one of the most important ways to keep your property safe. For over a decade, Clean ‘N Seal has been the preferred company for removing ice dams safely throughout the Minneapolis metro area. Our state of the art equipment and ice dam removal expertise protects your property from even the harshest ice and snow buildup.

Protect Your Property With Professional Ice Dam Removal

Ice dams harm more than just gutters and roofs. They also cause water to leak into homes and buildings, undermining interior walls and framing and damaging insulation, wiring, and flooring.

To avoid costly interior damage, ice dams need to be removed from roofs as soon as possible. Our professionals carefully shovel excess snow from your roof to stop ice dams from forming. Then we use pressurized steam from our specialized equipment to melt and remove ice dams from your roof and gutters.

No matter the size or slant of your roof, our ice dam removal experts will keep your property safe this and every winter!

What Causes Ice Dams?

When your roof has insufficient insulation or improper venting, this creates warm spots that cause snow to melt. Water then flows to the edges of your roof where the temperature is colder, and the water refreezes as ice.

Roof edges and gutters that have excessive ice buildup trap water on the roof, where it leaks underneath shingles, through the roof, and into the interior walls of your home.

The best way to stop this damage from occurring to your property is to call the ice dam removal experts at Clean ‘N Seal.

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