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Clean ‘N Seal is ready to handle your paver cleaning, sealing, and restoration needs! For over a decade, we have been the premier paver restoration service in Eden Prairie, Edina, Minneapolis, and surrounding cities. With our commitment to using the most innovative restoration equipment, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time.

Paver Cleaning & Restoring Improves Your Property Instantly

One of the best ways to enhance your residential or commercial property is to improve the exterior appearance, and pavers make a statement. We can help ensure your pavers make a positive first impression!

Clean ‘N Seal specializes in paver cleaning and sealing that restores your property’s pristine image. Let’s make your home or business’s exterior look like new again!

Paver Repair

Paver restoration doesn't just mean cleaning – it also means securing loose or broken pavers that may be unsafe or detract from the look of your home or business.

When your pavers have settled, heaved, or shifted, our experts correct the base below and re-lay them. If your edging restraint has lost structural integrity as well, our professional team will install new restraint, so every detail in your paver project remains secure.

Environmentally Friendly Technique

Clean ‘N Seal uses an environmentally friendly cleaning technique that not only effectively removes stains and debris from your pavers but also reclaims water, making the cleaning process cleaner and less wasteful.

Long Lasting Results

When sealing your pavers, we ensure they resist water, stains, and UV rays, leaving your landscape and walkway pavers looking great longer.

Paver restoration also means securing loose or broken pavers that may be unsafe or detract from the look of your business.

Our Process

Our process involves removing your existing pavers and replacing the bedding sand, so you get a smooth surface underneath your pavers. When we relay the pavers, we add joint sand to secure them in place and compact the entire surface. The end result is a safe, polished surface around your property.

View our Before & After Gallery for ideas on how to better your home or business!

When Do Pavers Need to Be Cleaned?

Being out in the elements and being walked and driven on are reasons enough to clean your pavers, but stains can also come from unexpected places.

If you notice these markings, it’s time to clean your pavers!


White rings or haze can appear on pavers over time. This is called efflorescence and occurs when salt inside or below the pavers migrates to the surface. We remove this discoloration with our environmentally-friendly cleaning process.

Old Sealer

If paver sealer has been poorly selected or applied, it produces a dull haze on pavers. Our chemical-free sealer removal process strips paver sealer cleanly and returns pavers to their original appearance without needing to replace or repair.

Everyday Stains

Automotive oils and grease, tire shine, iron from irrigation, hard water buildup, grease and food-grade oils all contribute to paver stains. We use a hot water washing and water reclamation process that removes these stains from pavers.

What Makes Clean ‘N Seal’s Cleaning Technique So Effective?

We treat every home or business as if it were our own, which is why we keep our paver cleaning process as neat and less wasteful as possible. Before we begin a project, we power edge all the grass along pavers with a specialty edger. This tool safely cuts around edges, corners, and edging restraints and enables us to clean the entire paver surface.

Next, we use state of the art power washing and water reclamation systems that efficiently clean pavers without wasting water. Our walk-behind cleaning machine lifts stains and debris from pavers, while also reclaiming the water it uses. The water is pumped back to a trailer where it is filtered and sent back to the washing system. We recycle the water multiple times, which minimizes the water consumption and run-off at your home or business.

Keeping your property neat and clean is not only our end goal but our whole process!

Why Is Joint Sand Replacement & Sealing Important?

Once your pavers have been cleaned and repaired, the only way to keep them looking good is to secure them with joint sand and professionally seal them.

Polymeric Joint Sand

This type of joint sand is the leading industry standard. It hardens to lock the pavers in place and won’t blow or wash away in rough weather. Polymeric joint sand also keeps out weeds and insects, as well as forces water to run over the pavers instead of seeping into the joints, undermining the bedding sand and base.

Paver Sealing

Sealing the pavers is the final step and when done professionally, protects patios and walkways from UV rays, salt and ice melts, harsh weather, and oil and grease stains. It also enhances the color, texture, and brightness of your pavers while deterring insects and reducing paver wear and tear.

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