Clean 'N Seal

Twin Cities Concrete and Paver Restoration Specialists

Clean ‘N Seal

Twin Cities Concrete and Paver Restoration Specialists

We are Clean ‘N Seal, experienced concrete and paver restoration specialists. We take care of all of your concrete and paver cleaning, staining and restoration needs. We have years of experience cleaning and restoring interior and exterior surfaces while also protecting the environment.

We know pavers from the ground up.

Discover Our New Permeable Paver Restoration Service

Paver Cleaning & Sealing

Cleaning and sealing your concrete surfaces and landscape pavers helps keep them looking great longer. Sealed concrete and pavers resist water, stains and UV rays.

Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

We strip and steam clean concrete using reclaimed water before sealing it to protect your investment going forward.

Media & Abrasive Blasting

We blast a surface down to its natural element using all types of media before steam washing the surface.

Ice Dam Removal

Removing ice dams that damage gutters and roof also stops water from leaking into a home, which can damage interior walls and framing, insulation, wiring or flooring. We use pressurized steam to remove all ice dams, the safest method to remove ice from a roof.

Why Choose Clean ‘N Seal

We offer experienced, expert advice

We use multiple methods

We work with business and home clients

We employ all our team members

We recycle water with a filtration system

Proven on-time, on-budget record

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