Over 10 years in the concrete and paver restoration industry


    Thorough on-site consultations, inspections, and assessments


    Environmentally friendly cleaning techniques and filtration systems


Maintain the pristine look of your home or business with our paver restoration and repair services. We use the latest, state of the art equipment to safely clean and seal your paver surfaces and restore their natural beauty.


Upkeeping the concrete around your home or business is important. From concrete repair and sealing to surface stain removal, we provide eco-friendly solutions to protect your residential or commercial investment.

Your Concrete & Paver Restoration Specialists for Over 10 Years

Experience. Credentials. Confidence. Those are just three of the traits you’re guaranteed to find when you choose to work with Clean ‘N Seal for your next paver or concrete restoration project. For over a decade, Clean ‘N Seal has been providing comprehensive restoration, cleaning, and sealing services to help your exterior surfaces look and perform at their best.

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