Polymeric Sand Replacement

Twin Cities Expert Polymeric Sand Replacement Installers

  • State of the art restoration equipment
  • Over 10 years of concrete and paver restoration experience
  • Professional on-site consultations, inspections, and assessments
  • Residential and commercial cleaning and restoration services

When you notice loose or wobbling pavers on your walkway, call on the Clean ‘N Seal experts to assess your paver needs and professionally replace your joint sand. For over a decade, homeowners and property managers from Edina to Woodbury have enjoyed lasting results on their exterior surfaces with our professional cleaning and restoration services. Let’s bring back your home’s beauty and safety the right way!

Professional Restoration Process

As you can see in our reviews, our clients have trusted our paver restoration expertise for years because we get the job done right the first time and offer an exceptional customer-centered service.

On-Site Consultation

Our experts assess your property on-site and create a recommendation and pricing breakdown for your unique paver project. Our assessment will verify if your property needs a more permeable joint sand option or if polymeric joint sand is the best fit.

Professionally Clean and Repair

Before replacing your joint sand, we thoroughly clean your pavers with our innovative water reclamation system. Then we carefully remove the old sand and make sure your pavers are sitting correctly on the base below, re-settling them as needed before installing the polymeric joint sand.

Perfectly Sealed

After the joint sand installation, complete your perfect paver walkway look by sealing them with a protective sealant. With our professional sealing process, your pavers will stay bright and new looking while you use them year after year.

Why Polymeric Joint Sand?

Polymeric joint sand is designed specifically for pavers and has become the leading industry standard for joint sand replacement.

Better Stabilization

Polymeric joint sand has a hardening characteristic which stabilizes the sand around pavers, locking them into place. Once hard, the sand won’t wash away after rain storms nor crumble and blow away from high winds or leaf blowers. Your pavers will stay safely in place for years.

Cleaner Walkways and Patios

With its hardening properties, polymeric joint sand doesn’t deteriorate and track into your swimming pool or home. It also keeps insects out and prevents weeds from growing between your pavers, so your paver surfaces stay clean and new-looking.

Get a Free Estimate for Polymeric Sand Replacement

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