Soot Removal

Professional Soda Blasting for Fire Damage Cleanup

  • Safe and effective fire damage treatments
  • State of the art soda blasting equipment
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning process
  • Locally owned 5-star restoration company

After a fire, getting back on your feet and making your property feel clean and whole again is tough. Attempting to scrub down your walls yourself is tiring, ineffective, and can even lead to more harm than good. But know that the restoration professionals at Clean ‘N Seal have your back!

Our soda blasting process safely removes soot, smoke damage, and the smoky odors that linger on your walls after a fire. With our most advanced equipment and precision cleaning, our team brings your home or business back from disaster. After a fire, don’t wait to call for our soot removal services!

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Quality Soot Cleaning & Home Restoration in Minnesota

When your property has suffered from a fire, all you want is to get it back to normal as quickly as possible. That’s why professional soda blasting is the preferred method of cleaning for soot and smoke damage and whole home fire restoration.

As a form of media blasting, this method uses specialized blasting equipment to spray baking soda on walls, floors, and ceilings. When performed professionally, the baking soda pellets break down the soot while leaving your surfaces safely cleaned.

When hiring Clean ‘N Seal for our fire restoration services, you’re guaranteed an efficient and thorough cleaning that will make your property feel like itself again!

Effective Clean

With our services, you will see the effective removal of soot residue, discoloration, and smoke damage. Since baking soda is also a deodorizer, it will neutralize the smoke stench that tends to settle into your walls, floors, and ceilings.

Essentially, after our precise soda blasting services, you won’t know there had been fire.

Water Reclamation System

There’s a myth that soda blasting is a dusty and messy process that will leave a powdery residue on your surfaces. That may be true for inexperienced cleaners, but with more than a decade of restoring properties with our state of the art equipment, our team restores your home or business cleanly.

While soda blasting, our pros combine just enough water to keep the dust levels down. And while blasting, our state of the art system reclaims water as it is used, which creates less overall mess and a better clean.


Soda blasting is environmentally safe, so even if excess runs into your drains or sewers, it will not harm the water table, wildlife, or your landscape. Since no harmful chemicals are used in the cleaning process, this method is also safe for you and your family.

Once your surfaces are clean and dry, you can immediately start using your space again with no worry of toxic fumes lingering in the air or harmful residues settling on your walls or floors.

Clean ‘N Seal Is the Preferred Choice for Fire Damage Restoration

Our team of restoration experts has been restoring homes and businesses throughout Minnesota from fire, soot, and smoke damage for more than a decade. Let us bring your property back to its original beauty and functionality! Call or message us today.

And let our professional restorers improve the look and integrity of any of your exterior surfaces, from our full-service concrete cleaning to our on-budget house washing. Clean ‘N Seal is here for all your restoration needs!

Hear From Our Past Clean 'N Sealed Customers


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