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Minnesota Paver & Concrete Restoration Experts

  • Over 10 years of concrete and paver restoration experience
  • Professional on-site consultations, inspections, and assessments
  • State of the art cleaning and sealing equipment
  • Always on time and on budget

Your property’s exterior appearance says a lot about its owner. At Clean ‘N Seal, we help homeowners and property managers by providing them with professional restoration, cleaning, and sealing services, so your property’s exterior will speak volumes about you. Contact us today for the most comprehensive concrete and paving restoration services in Minnesota!

Based in Carver & Serving the Twin Cities Area With Excellence

Experience. Credentials. Confidence. Those are just three of the traits you’re guaranteed to experience when you choose to work with Clean ‘N Seal for your next paver or concrete restoration project.

For over a decade, Clean ‘N Seal has been providing comprehensive restoration, cleaning, and sealing services to help your exterior surfaces look and perform at their best. We only use the latest, most innovative restoration equipment to safely power blast your concrete or paver surfaces, and we never consider a project complete until your total satisfaction is achieved.

When you need immediate cleaning or restoration assistance to preserve and improve your property’s pristine appearance, choose Clean ‘N Seal and reap the benefits of exceptional customer service!


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