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Exterior house washing is the perfect way to instantly boost your home’s appearance and value. Throughout the Minneapolis metro area, the Clean ‘N Seal team has been restoring home exteriors for over a decade with our house and soft washing methods. Whether your shingles need scrubbing, your stucco needs a wash, or your concrete driveway needs stain removal, our complete house washing services will bring back the beauty of your home!

Environmentally Friendly House Washing Services

You don’t have to worry about protecting the longevity of your home’s exterior and protecting the environment when you use our environmentally friendly house washing services! Our process uses very little water, so there is no water waste on your property.

Clean ‘N Seal also uses a biodegradable detergent which thoroughly cleans the exterior of your home while leaving behind no residue. Our detergent is also plant and pet safe, so you can immediately enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces. Let’s help your home look its best!

Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing

Pressure washing removes dirt and stains from your exterior surfaces using a high-pressure spray. This is great for concrete and paver cleaning but can easily damage more delicate surfaces, like shingles or siding.

For wood decks, roofs, and houses, you need Clean ‘N Seal’s professional soft washing or house washing services. Soft washing utilizes a fraction of the pressure used in traditional power washing, while still giving your surfaces a complete clean.

Read our reviews and see why our house washing services are right for you!

The Best Time to Start Your House Washing Project

Your property’s exterior appearance matters year-round both in look and in safety. Dirt and grime on your home, garage, and deck is unsightly, and mildew and mold is potentially harmful to you and your family. Read about our specific soft washing services and extend the life of your home today!

Wooden Decks

In the damp Minnesota climate, wood decks gather mold and mildew, even algae, fading them to dull gray colors. While an eye-sore, these growths also cause your deck to become slippery and unsafe. Soft washing cleanses the wood and preps it for staining and sealing.

Cedar Shakes & Roof Shingles

Over time, Minnesota’s climate allows blue-green algae and moss to grow on shakes and shingles, leaving black streaks. This “roof acne” should only be cleaned by professional soft washing experts, who remove the living organisms without stripping the shakes or shingles.

House Exterior

Our house washing services safely remove grime, dirt, mold, and buildup from your home’s exterior. The soft washing system is perfect for those delicate surfaces, like stucco, cedar shakes, and siding, because it uses less pressure than normal pressure washing. This maintains the integrity of the exterior while cleansing your home at the same time.

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