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Concrete Swimming Pool and Deck Cleaning And Sealing

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Nothing is more inviting than a beautiful pool in the summer, and you need a beautiful concrete pool deck to match. Get your pool deck summer-ready with less hassle with Clean ‘N Seal’s exceptional concrete cleaning and sealing service!

Our complete concrete resurfacing process not only cleans your concrete pool deck, but protects it for years to come. Consult with our experts on your concrete swimming pool deck cleaning and sealing project today!

A Safer Concrete Cleaning Process for a Safer Concrete Surface

Our environmentally friendly cleaning process is not only better for the environment, but it makes your pool deck safer, too. Clean ‘N Seal follows a simple and effective process to create a less slippery surface around your pool.

Remove Grime

Using our proprietary water filtration system, we strip your concrete of grime and buildup that makes it slick. This system recycles water multiple times, so you get a thorough cleaning, while reducing the amount of water being used.

Protect With a Better Sealer

After your pool deck has been effectively cleaned, we seal the concrete to protect it and keep it from getting slippery. Sealer protects your concrete from UV rays, harsh weather, and stains, and it adds traction when it gets wet, so your surfaces stay safe to walk on.

When applied by our professionals, sealer will also enhance the color and brightness of the concrete around your pool!

Over a Decade of Concrete Cleaning Experience Leads to Perfection

With more than 10 years leading the industry in concrete restoration, our cleaning process means you’ll have a perfect looking concrete swimming pool deck. Our unparalleled service pays attention to the details. Check out our reviews to see our commitment to perfection in action!

Here’s what you can expect from our process and services when you choose Clean ‘N Seal for concrete swimming pool deck cleaning and sealing.

On-Site Consultation

Your pool project starts with an assessment on your property where you can explain all of your concrete pool deck needs to us. Then we create a recommendation of the restoration process going forward. You will have no surprises once we start your project.

Inspect the Little Things

We strive for perfection on each job we do, so before each project, we double check our equipment and make sure your property is set up to begin.

Before cleaning your concrete, all grass adjoining the concrete surface is power edged to half an inch, enabling us to clean the entire surface without damaging edges, corners, or the edging restraint.

State of the Art Equipment

We use the most innovative equipment to hot water power wash your concrete, so you will get the best clean.

Our cleaning technique also keeps your project neat and tidy by using a water reclamation system, which minimizes water consumption and run-off.

Get a Free Estimate for Concrete Pool Deck Restoration

Let us restore your pool’s pristine appearance today! Call Clean ‘N Seal today at 952.393.9588 or connect with us online for your free estimate.


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