Tips for the Best Pool Deck Cleaning Results

Tips for the Best Pool Deck Cleaning Results

In-ground swimming pools are popular, even in the Land of 10,000+ Lakes. While some see the state’s swim season as being too short for a personal pool, that hasn’t stopped more than 30,000 in-ground pools from being installed across Minnesota.

With that installation comes maintenance. Having a beautiful pool and concrete pool deck requires a certain amount of upkeep, but the maintenance doesn’t have to become a difficult chore.

Just a little bit of your time and these tips from the pros at Clean ‘N Seal will keep your concrete swimming pool deck spotless all year long!

1. Hire a Pro for Expert Cleaning

For the best and most thorough cleaning, hire a professional concrete restoration service once a year or every other year to ensure a deep clean. This way, your concrete always starts off in a perfectly clean state that you can maintain throughout the year.

While you can spend hours sweeping, hosing, and getting down on your hands and knees to scrub your concrete with chemicals, the pros have environmentally friendly equipment that not only cleans safely but also exponentially faster than an “elbow grease” cleaning.

2. Repair Damage Sooner

Check over your concrete pool deck regularly, and when you notice cracks, have them repaired ASAP.

The longer you wait to fix your concrete, the more likely greater damage will occur. Water and chlorine deteriorate concrete over time, making cracks worse faster than expected.

Debris and dirt hide damage if your concrete pool deck isn’t regularly cleaned, so make sure you hose down your concrete and have a pro inspect your surfaces.

3. Seal in Protection

To keep your concrete more protected and to help it last longer, have it professionally sealed after cleaning. A high-quality sealant protects concrete from the degrading effects of water, chlorine, and bad weather by stopping moisture from absorbing into the porous surface.

Sealant also keeps color-stained concrete from fading in the sunlight and allows your concrete to last longer without needing to be re-treated.

The most cost-effective way to keep your pool deck safe and easy to care for is to have it sealed every three to five years.

4. Perform Regular Maintenance

Once your concrete pool deck is inspected for damage and professionally cleaned and sealed, your regular maintenance routine is simple.

  • Spray the pool deck regularly with a garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle attachment to keep dirt and debris from collecting on your concrete.

  • Remove metal patio furniture from the pool deck area to keep the concrete from getting rust stained.

  • Avoid planting trees or large shrubs close to the pool deck. This keeps root systems from damaging your concrete underground and prevents extra accumulations of leaves, pollen, and other debris from collecting on your concrete.

  • Pick up wet towels and pool toys after swimming to stop water from seeping into your concrete, encouraging mold and mildew to grow.

Managing your pool deck couldn’t be easier with the experts at Clean ‘N Seal!

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