Should You Seal Your Pavers?

Should You Seal Your Pavers?

To seal or not to seal your pavers is not a question; The answer should always be “Yes!”

Consider paver sealant as a necessary part of your concrete maintenance routine. After professionally cleaning your pavers to remove stains, haze, and grime thoroughly, why wouldn’t you protect them from future wear and tear?

Sealing your concrete paver patios, walking paths, driveways, and pool decks is the most effective way to keep them looking new for years. But when and how you do it matters too!

The exceptional team at Clean ‘N Seal has your back! We provide expert paver and concrete cleaning services in Minnesota, offering sealing options that give your exterior surfaces years of beauty and protection.

Let’s dive into the basics of sealing your pavers, so you can keep your exteriors looking great!

Seal in the Beauty

Concrete is solid but porous. Without sealant, concrete absorbs moisture from rain and snow, as well as from substances that can stain it, like automotive oil or food-grade grease.

Sealing concrete pavers keeps water, oils, grease, and stains from seeping into pavers and discoloring them.

Sealant also resists UV rays better than not sealing. For concrete with a colored finish, sealing is especially important to prevent that color from fading over time from all that sunshine.

The best way to keep your concrete pavers looking their best for a long time is to get them professionally sealed!

Safety in Sealing

Throughout Minnesota winters, your concrete undergoes cycles of freeze-thawing. Without a sealer over your concrete pavers, water sinks into the concrete, and as ground temperatures fluctuate above and below freezing, ice pushes and pulls your concrete.

The more water that has been absorbed, the more likely that pushing and pulling pressure will crack your concrete pavers. Sealant reduces this damage by keeping water from being absorbed into your concrete.

Sealing also prevents already cracked concrete from developing larger breaks or new splits. The only way to protect your concrete from harsh weather cracking is by having it expertly sealed!

Seal for Life

Your concrete pavers can last a lifetime and look as beautiful as the day they were laid on your property as long as you maintain them. Sealing them is part of that process.

Our experts recommend sealing your concrete every 3-5 years, depending on wear and tear.

This way, you can have a perfect, polished exterior for as long as you own your home without ever needing to replace or redo your pool decks, driveways, walkways, or patios.

View our gallery to see how rejuvenated your home or business can be!

When Should You Seal Your Pavers?

The best time to seal your pavers is right after you’ve had them professionally cleaned and restored.

Applying sealant to pavers that have been carefully cleaned and dried allows the sealant to seep thoroughly into and adhere to the concrete pavers, protecting them completely.

For especially large projects or for more specialized cleaning needs, consider using our commercial pressure washing and media blasting services before sealing your pavers.

Regardless of the size of your property or the needs of your concrete pavers, Clean ‘N Seal’s restoration services fulfill all your cleaning and sealing needs!

And check out our guide on how often to have your pavers sealed to guarantee long-lasting beauty for as long as you own your property.

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