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For over a decade, the Twin Cities metro area has trusted the Clean ‘N Seal experts with its sandblasting, media blasting, and paint stripping needs. From the thinnest paint to the thickest epoxies, mill scale, and sealers, our professional media team can carefully remove those unwanted coatings.

Need to remove unsightly sealers from floors, stains from driveways, or graffiti from walls? Want to bring back the natural look of your wood decks or refinish the surface of your metal structures without chemicals or damage to the substrate? Let our media blasting specialists renew your property’s pristine appearance today!

What Is Media Blasting?

Media blasting, also known as sandblasting or abrasive blasting, uses a high pressure tool to propel a media like sand or soda onto dirty or unsightly surfaces. With the right equipment and an experienced professional, this technique easily strips paint, sealers, rust, and other imperfections from your surfaces without damaging them.

Clean ‘N Seal invests in the most state of the art blasting equipment, along with specialized tools and media to ensure your commercial or residential blasting project is done safely and effectively. Our process restores your surfaces efficiently without the use of chemicals, keeping you and the environment safe.

When Do You Need Media Blasting Services?

If bleach and elbow grease won’t cut it or if power washing alone can’t strip paint or varnish, then it’s time to try media blasting.

Here are six services our media blast specialists can do for you!

Paint & Sealer Removal

Using state of the art equipment, our chemical-free sealer and media removal process effectively restores concrete to its original appearance by removing paint and sealer cleanly without the need for repair or replacement.

Fire Restoration

After a fire, Clean ‘N Seal safely strips away charred wood, soot, and smoke stains from your damaged building using a soda blasting method superior to any chemical cleaning. This efficient process also removes lingering smoke smells due to baking soda’s odor-killing properties, so you can begin to rebuild your home or business sooner.

Soot Removal Services
Log Home Blasting

Whether your lake cabin is looking old and dingy or you notice darkened mildew patches on the logs, media blasting is the best solution to reveal wood's natural beauty again. To preserve the integrity of your log home, call us to professionally media blast away stain buildup, mold and mildew, old sealers and finishes, and other discolorations.

Log Home Blasting Services
Wood Deck Refinishing

Power washing can clean your deck and get rid of mold and mildew, but if you want your wood deck to look like new, have us professionally soda blast it. Soda blasting not only removes the mold and mildew from your wood deck,, but also strips away wood stains and varnishes, leaving only natural wood. Your wood deck is then ready to be sealed for a more natural look or stained and sealed to the look of your choosing.

Graffiti Removal

Conventional methods of stripping and cleaning graffiti often involve chemicals and solvents, which is costly, time consuming, and damaging to the environment. Our paint removal service is cheaper, faster, and more environmentally friendly. From brick, stone, and concrete to more sensitive surfaces, your property will be graffiti-free with our media blasting services.

Industrial Coatings & Rust Removal

Your commercial property’s appearance is just as important as a home’s, and flaking paint and rust from your structure diminishes its value. Just re-coating it will only be temporary. Clean ‘N Seal’s media blasting services remove industrial coatings and rust, leaving a well-prepared surface for a new coating to bond to for many years.

Our wet blasting technique also prevents metal warping of your steel structures and includes a rust inhibitor to prevent flash rusting.

Aircraft, Auto, & Marine Blasting

Media blasting has become a preferred method in the aircraft, automotive, and marine industries for paint removal. Our paint stripping services provide a clean, prepped surface for coatings to bond to quickly and easily, and since it avoids harsh chemical strippers and dusty sanding, it is better for the environment.

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