Reasons to Choose Us for Commercial Ice Dam Removal

Reasons to Choose Us for Commercial Ice Dam Removal

Ice dams are a common problem in Minnesota and can be especially dangerous for business owners. Not only do those long icicles pose potential safety concerns for employees and guests due to falling ice, but the entire ice dam structure can have devastating consequences to your roof and building. From interior water damage to busted roofing systems, your building can take a beating from ice dams.

Protect your property with a premier commercial ice dam removal company – Clean ‘N Seal! Over a decade of experience in ice dam removal from the Twin Cities to Brainerd is only the tip of the iceberg in what makes us the right choice for safely clearing ice, snow, and ice dams from your building.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

To safely and completely remove ice dams, no matter the roofing structure or your building, steam-powered equipment is the best way to go. Whether your building has a slanted or flat-top roof, snow and ice build-up strains your roofing system. But our professional low-pressure steam blasting equipment melts all icy build-up, from dangling icicles to snow-packed scuppers. 

Steam-powered equipment is efficient and safe. It doesn’t require harmful salts and chemicals to melt ice, nor does it just shift snow and ice from your roof to sidewalks, parking lots, or other areas of your property. The steam completely melts and evaporates the snow and ice build-up, so you’re left with a clear roof and no hazards.

Safer for You & Guests

When it comes to slippery, hazardous conditions like snow and ice removal from a roof, leave it to the professionals. We’ve trained for this. Don’t risk your own safety or the safety of your employees, guests, and customers by attempting to climb ladders or walk along slick roof edges. Depending on the height of your building, this may not only be dangerous but deadly. 

Pros, like our team at Clean ‘N Seal, have a strategic plan for tackling ice dam removal from any type of building. From protective and specialized equipment to having a spotter radio when people are entering or leaving the building, a qualified team will ensure that you, your guests, and your building remain safe throughout the removal process.

Better Removal for Your Building

In addition to protecting the people in and around your property, our team guarantees to preserve your building while removing ice dams. Carefully and correctly melting snow and ice build-up on your roof is another reason not to do it yourself or choose just anyone. 

Attempting to shovel and scrape snow off your roof or trying to bang or pull down icicles is more likely to damage your shingles, roofing material, and even the walls of your building than take care of your ice problem. Whether your building has traditional shingles or flat or low-sloped EPDM or TPO roofing, you can easily crack, puncture, or otherwise damage it when using typical snow removal methods. 

Choose the Clean ‘N Seal team for ice dam removal that effectively and safely clears your building of all ice hazards while maintaining the integrity of all facets of your property.

Clean ‘N Seal: Commercial Ice Dam Removal Experts

Removing ice dams while protecting you and your property is just a day’s work for our team. Anytime you need careful and effective ice build-up removal, give our experts a call (Twin Cities 952.393.9588 and Brainerd 218.232.3863) or message us online!

And when all that snow finally does melt, check out our concrete cleaning and paver restoring services to scrub off the salt and winter grime from your walkways, plazas, and patios. Make your exterior surfaces look like new again, just in time for spring!