How to Repair a Paver Patio

How to Repair a Paver Patio

There are a lot of videos out there that offer advice or how-tos on repairing a paver patio. The videos always make the repairs look easy and quick, like anyone could do it in just a day or two.

But the videos often show experienced landscapers who can make the process look easy, or they feature people who lack expertise and actually offer bad advice, neglect important steps, or don’t know best practices in the industry.

With numerous pitfalls when DIYing a patio repair, turn to local professionals, like the Clean ‘N Seal team, who have an effective, guaranteed process for paver patio restoration done right!

Why DIY Paver Patio Repair Isn’t a Good Idea

Making your own paver patio repairs may seem like a cost-effective and even easy way to spruce up your patios. But good quality repairs aren’t as easy to achieve as they might appear.

Labor Intensive

Those time-lapse videos make it seem like moving dozens of pavers is no sweat or that refilling your paver spaces with polymeric joint sand is just a few sweeps of a broom. But the reality is that it’s a lot of hard work.

For one person to do the job alone, you would need to have a good handle on how to perform the repair and be physically fit enough to do it. Even then, it might take you much longer than the video suggests.

Necessary Tools

DIYers often promise you don’t need many tools to do the repair well, but then they pull out equipment you don’t own and explain how this tool is necessary for the job. For most repairs, having the right equipment is not only useful but imperative for doing the job safely and correctly.

With paver repair, professional tools, like pressure washing equipment and plate compactors, not only make the job easier, but they ensure a high-quality restoration that will last for years, unlike your rubber mallet.

Structural Concerns

Broken or sunk pavers may appear to be only a surface-level problem, and adding sand or replacing the pavers may seem like an easy fix. However, paver problems might run deeper and actually be part of a drainage or structural concern on your property.

In that case, your repair isn’t going to last very long, and you’ll need to hire a professional for more extensive care eventually. It’s in your best interest to let an expert evaluate your patio and make repairs that are truly repairing the problem.

Missed Steps

It’s easy to skip steps or not be as thorough when completing them when DIYing a paver repair. You may not clean out the original joint sand as well as it should be, or you may decide to forego spraying the new joint sand with water because it’s the end of the day and you’re tired.

Whatever the step is, and no matter why you didn’t do it, not doing it may be the difference between having to repeat the process next year and having a refreshed patio for years.

Rely On a Professional Process

Replacing one or two pavers on your own is doable for almost anyone, but once you notice that more areas of your patio have problems, call the pros at Clean ‘N Seal to assist you, and get the job done right.

Experienced Crews

With our well-trained crews, you’ll receive an efficient, professional restoration. Our teams often complete projects in just a day or two, depending on the size of the area we’re restoring. Compare that to doing it yourself and the multiple weekends it might take you to finish.

Our crews are also good at spotting trouble areas, like drainage concerns or problems with the base layer, that you might not be aware of and can make in-the-moment repairs that keep you safer in the long run.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

From plate compactors, pressure washing equipment, and specialized nozzles to water reclamation trucks that make our process environmentally friendly, hiring our pros with the most advanced equipment gives you fast, high-quality repairs.

You save time and money, prevent hurting your back or worse, and do better for the planet by reducing your water usage just by calling our team.

Full-Service Restoration

When working with us, we aim to make your patio spotless and like new again. First, your pavers will be cleaned and then repaired or replaced. Our team fixes drainage and uneven settling problems so your patio will be smooth and even.

We use only professional-grade materials suited to your specific project, like polymeric joint sand or more permeable options. Ever wondered how pavers stay locked into place and are stable enough to hold the weight of moving vehicles?

Check out our video on the importance of polymeric sand in paver installation projects.

We also seal your pavers with a high-grade sealant so some problems, like weeds, stains, and efflorescence, won’t return for a long time. With our team, you don’t just get a repaired patio. You get your fresh, just laid patio back!

Cost-Effective in the Long Run

Hiring our pros may seem more expensive than DIYing, but it’s not in the long run. Since we do it right the first time, you can expect a long-lasting repair.

DIY repairs are notorious for coming back to haunt you. Whether you made a mistake or discovered a problem requiring professional help or must keep returning to repair your patio year after year, calling on the pros once is a more manageable expense.

Clean ‘N Seal: Your Minnesota Paver Restoration Experts

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