How We Recharge for the New Year at Clean ‘N Seal

How We Recharge for the New Year at Clean ‘N Seal

Everyone needs some rest and recharge time – us included! And since Minnesota winters make it pretty much impossible for us to do our normal concrete and paver restoration projects, taking a little time off in these snowy months makes sense.

But along with spending time with our families, enjoying the holidays, and doing some ice fishing and snowmobiling, our team is also planning and prepping for another year of improving home and business exteriors. We use these winter months to restore ourselves and our equipment so we can get back to restoring your concrete, pavers, and more this spring!

Here’s a peek at some of the ways we use our “down time” to get ready for the next cleaning season.

Equipment Improvements

Let’s face it: It’s not just people that need a break every once and awhile. Regular use takes a toll on our equipment, too.

Each winter, we take the time to thoroughly clean and check over all of our sprayers, pressure washers, nozzles, and entire water reclamation system. We repair equipment and replace parts as needed, and we place orders for parts and materials we need to stock up on before the rush of our enhancing projects begins.

We also use this time to research new technology in the industry, better or more state of the art equipment, and improved, more efficient and eco-friendly ways to do our jobs. In this ever changing business, we have to stay on the cutting edge to ensure we’re providing the best service to our clients, and our clients value that dedication.

Polished Scheduling

Since the best time in Minnesota to do any sort of concrete cleaning and power washing is between March and November, our scheduling team uses the winter to start preparing our calendars.

Winter is actually a great time to schedule your home or business’s pressure washing or exterior surface cleaning project. Before we get too busy, you can reserve the perfect time for us to come out and remove all the winter grunge from your driveway, walkways, and patios.

If you have a really large project, scheduling now ensures that we can make adequate time for it whenever you want the cleaning to happen, and it gives our team a chance to prepare any special equipment or services.

Ice Dam Removal

If you thought we were completely off for three months, think again! Along with scheduling and equipment improvements, we are still out in the field in the winter, helping home and business owners with ice dam removal.

Since our equipment can be repurposed to specialize in safely steaming away ice dams, we knew this service would be beneficial to property owners looking for professional ice dam removal assistance.

As a more efficient and overall safer method for removing ice dams, both for you and your roof, we’ve developed a system that benefits both homeowners and commercial property owners, alike.

Recharge Your Exteriors With Clean ‘N Seal!

Now that you know we’re not really “off” over the winter, set up your free consultation today! We’ll schedule your home or business for a concrete cleaning that suits your timeframe anytime this spring or summer.

Whether you’re looking for paver restoration, media blasting services, or thorough house washing to bring in the spring, call on our team to bring your exteriors to life after a hard winter!

Call our Twin Cities office at 952.393.9588 or our Brainerd office at 218.232.3863 or contact us online to get started on enhancing your property.