Ice Dam Removal

Twin Cities Ice Dam Removal Professionals

Ice Dam Removal

Ice dams can prove damaging to more than just the gutters and roof of a home. Ice dams can also lead to water leaking into a home, damaging interior walls and framing, insulation, wiring or flooring.

To avoid costly interior damage to your home, ice dams need to be removed from roofs. Our crews remove snow from your roof with a shovel and use pressurized steam to melt and remove the ice dams from your roof and gutter.

Our experienced crews have worked on all types of homes and roofs, removing ice dams in a variety of environments.

Ice dams are typically caused by warm spots on a roof resulting from insufficient insulation or improper venting. Those conditions or wide temperature swings that melt and freeze snow causes water to turn to ice on ‘cold’ area of a roof along its edge near gutters.

Those areas have excessive ice build up, pool water behind it which gets underneath shingles, through the roof and into the walls of a home.