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Professional Log Cabin Restoration in Minnesota

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Log homes are a classic American house style, especially around the lakes across northern Minnesota. Lake cabins from Brainerd to the Boundary Waters invite us to enjoy cozy winter trips and relaxing summer breaks. That is until your log home starts looking grimey.

When you notice your cabin changing colors and starting to look run down, it’s time to call on the professionals who can use media blasting to bring your home back to life. With over a decade of experience using eco-friendly restoration techniques, Clean ‘N Seal returns your log cabin to its original glory without harming your home’s exteriors or the environment.

Log Home Blasting by Clean N Seal in Minnesota

When Should You Restore Your Log Home?

Log homes sometimes need a little more care than your average siding home, which just needs a good professional house washing every now and again. For log homes, you should do a visual inspection of your logs twice a year, usually in the fall and spring, to check for rotting wood, places where water is collecting, and areas that need caulking and/or chinking.

Then turn to the pros for a complete and thorough inspection and restoration of your log home when you notice any of these signs.

Dark Spots or Black Wood

Places where your logs are turning black or you notice dark spots developing is an early sign of decay on your logs. Call for professional help as soon as possible in order to stop that decay from moving deeper into your logs and forcing you to have to replace the whole log or more.

Mold & Mildew

Similar to dark spots, if you notice mold or mildew growth on your logs, it’s a sign you’ve got too much moisture seeping into them. Clean them thoroughly with professional cleaning techniques.

Wood Discoloration From Sunlight

Over time, sunlight will fade and discolor the stain on your logs. Media blasting is the most effective way to clean off old stains and prepare your logs for a new one to be applied.

New Staining

Use media blasting to remove old stains and clean your wood so it's ready for a new stain to be applied. New stains last longer and adhere better to the logs once they’ve been thoroughly prepped.

Types of Media for Log Cabin Restoration

It’s important to contact media blasting specialists for log cabin restoration because not just any media should be used. Wood is a generally softer material, so high pressures or hard media only cause more damage.

Crushed walnut shells and corn cob have traditionally been used on log homes because they effectively remove stains without harming the wood and create a clean surface for restaining. However, as biodegradable materials, these options can get stuck in cracks and checks and will rot if they are not removed properly.

An alternative to corn cob and walnut shells are various non-biodegradables that restore wood to its original state cleanly.

Complete Log Home Restoration That’s Better for the Environment

Using our specialized techniques to restore your log home is the most environmentally sound way to do it. Instead of cleaning with harsh chemicals that can be harmful to you, your logs, and the surrounding environment, our techniques use only natural and recyclable materials.

Restore Your Log Home With Clean ‘N Seal

Whether you’re in Brainerd, the Twin Cities, or you have a cabin up north, get it lake season ready with a thorough inspection and media blasting restoration! And when you need concrete cleaning and paver restoring services, let us take your exterior surfaces from grimey to gorgeous.

Call Clean ‘N Seal today at 952.393.9588 in the Twin Cities, 218.232.3863 in the Brainerd area, or connect with us online for your free estimate!


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