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Few things are more beautiful or more classic than a log cabin beside a lake. That iconic Minnesota vacation spot is all the more special when the logs are free from the gross buildup that commonly covers them over time.

Specialized media blasting from the Clean ‘N Seal team safely removes mold, discolorations, and other unsightly blights from your cabin while being gentle enough to maintain the integrity of each log. Plus, our professional restoration services don’t use toxic chemicals, making them clean and safe for you and the environment.

Log Home Blasting by Clean N Seal in Minnesota

Media Blasting for Log Cabin Restoration Near Brainerd

Since log homes have the potential to decay and accumulate excessive grime, it’s vital that you check over your cabin regularly. Several times a year, look for places where water collects, spaces that need re-caulking, and rotting logs. Then schedule an inspection from our pros to assess a full-service restoration.

Attempting a do-it-yourself style of cleaning is laborious, time-consuming, and risky, especially if you aren’t well-trained in pressure washing or media blasting your logs. Our cleaning method gently blasts away mold, mildew, dirt, debris, old stains, and discolored patches on logs without damaging the wood, you, or the environment, and it efficiently prepares your logs for re-staining or painting.

Types of Media to Blast Logs Safely

Our state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning techniques use natural and recyclable materials to carefully abrade the finish and stains off logs, including:

  • Walnut shells
  • Corncob grit
  • Baking soda
  • Glass beads
  • Recycled crushed glass

As either recyclable or biodegradable, you don’t have to worry about these materials causing later problems to your home, either, like mold growth or lasting chemical smells. Our pros vacuum up excess media to leave your log home spotless and prepped for re-staining, but if a few bits of walnut shell get lodged in your wood, it won’t cause mildew to grow.

Signs That It’s Time to Restore Your Log Home

Log homes require a little more maintenance than homes with other types of siding, so take the time throughout the year to carefully inspect each log.

Call our team if you notice any of these indicators suggesting a problem with the wood:

  • Mold or mildew growth
  • Dark spots or decaying wood
  • Discoloration due to sun exposure

Or if you just want to apply a new finish to your log home, have our pros quickly and thoroughly remove all the old stain so you can freshen it up with a new color.

Log Home Restoration In Cities Near Brainerd, MN

  • Aitkin
  • Baxter
  • Benedict
  • Crooked Lake Township
  • Cross Lake
  • Cuyuna
  • Garrison
  • Longville
  • Nisswa
  • Outing
  • Pequot Lakes
  • Pillager
  • Walker

Enjoy a Refreshed Log Home With Clean ‘N Seal

Log home restoration is not a DIY job. Let our professionals take the work out of cleaning and restoring your log home with peace of mind services and efficient maintenance. Call our Brainerd team at 218.232.3863 or message us online to start planning your restoration project!