Concrete Cleaning

Concrete Restoration in Brainerd, MN

  • Over 10 years of experience cleaning, sealing, and restoring concrete
  • Locally operated for fast residential and commercial services
  • Innovative water reclamation system for eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Free estimates on large and small-scale concrete restoration projects

Is your concrete looking a bit dingy or discolored? Are weeds starting to grow up through the cracks? Don’t waste your weekend trying to DIY an ineffective cleaning solution with a hose, bucket, and scrubbing brushes. Let the local concrete cleaning experts at Clean ‘N Seal in Brainerd use state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment to quickly and safely remove years' worth of scum and buildup from your concrete surfaces!

Request an on-site inspection of your property and get a comprehensive breakdown of all our concrete restoration services, including cleaning, repairing, staining, and sealing. Your concrete surfaces can look new again and maintain their beauty for years with a little help from our specialists.

Concrete gettting cleaned and restored

Full-Service Concrete Cleaning & Restoration

The days of getting on your hands and knees to scrub oil and grease stains off your driveway are over! Our pros use walk-behind pressure washing machines that effectively blast away hard to remove grime, stains, mold, weeds, and other unsightly buildup and leave your concrete surfaces pristine.

What makes our cleaning process even more beneficial is its water reclamation and recycling system. As our team cleans your concrete, our equipment sucks up excess water and filters it through a tank to be used again.

This high-tech equipment reduces the amount of water we use and eliminates the need to apply harsh chemicals, resulting in highly effective and environmentally friendly cleaning.

Safely Restore Any Concrete Surface

Our restorative methods are ideal for all projects: small and large-scale, residential and commercial concrete cleaning, new construction and historic site renovations, and more.

Our method is powerful enough to remove the worst gunk and stains but doesn’t damage your concrete, and our detail-oriented professionals take the extra steps to cover your property where needed so no harm can come to your buildings or lawn. Check out our reviews to see how our concrete restoration services have transformed properties throughout the Brainerd area and delighted business and homeowners!

Then hire our team for any concrete cleaning project, including:

  • Driveway cleaning
  • Pool deck restaining
  • Porch & patio cleaning
  • Sidewalk & walkway restoration
  • Retaining wall cleaning
  • Town square & pedestrian plaza restoration
  • Stadium & arena walkway resealing, and more!

Long-Lasting Concrete Sealing

Make your concrete surfaces more protective and keep them looking their best for longer by having them professionally sealed. The best way to prevent weeds and gross mold or mildew from growing between the cracks or on the surface is by sealing it.

Our high-grade sealants also shield your concrete from oil, grease, and other staining substances, making them easier for you to clean before they settle into your driveway. And sealing can even strengthen your concrete and help prevent cracks from forming or worsening.

After you’ve cleaned your concrete exteriors, let our team seal in their beauty and create a layer of protection that will last for years. Get a free estimate on the scope of your sealing project!

Refresh Your Exteriors With Concrete Staining

Change the look of your concrete surfaces with professional concrete staining. If you’ve renovated your home or business and need your exterior concrete areas to complement the new look or you’d just like to brighten your patio, let our pros remove old stains and finishes and redo them in a color of your choice.

When done by our pros, staining will enhance the appearance of your concrete without interfering with its integrity or longevity. After a coat of sealant, your driveway and patio areas will maintain their new look for years!

Clean ‘N Seal: Your Concrete Restoration Experts

Bring your concrete surfaces back to life quickly and beautifully with our team’s state-of-the-art cleaning and customer-focused services! Message us online and send details of your project goals or speak with our Brainerd team directly by calling 218-232-3862.