Ice Dam Removal

Hazard-Free Ice Dam Removal in Brainerd, MN

  • Steam pressure ice dam removal services
  • High-tech equipment to protect your property
  • Local Brainerd office for efficient removal
  • Commercial & residential ice dam clearing

Winters in Minnesota are tough, but don’t make them worse by ignoring ice dams and snow building up on your roof. Prevent roofing problems and stop the potential for water damage in your property by professionally removing ice dams as soon as they start.

Ice dam removal can be dangerous work, so always trust the highly-trained pros at Clean ‘N Seal to safely and efficiently steam ice dams away without harming your shingles, roofing, or interior. With specialized equipment and over a decade of ice dam removal experience, melting away ice dams and saving your home from expensive water damage is our guarantee!

Build up of ice in gutters on a home

Why Rely on Our Pros for Ice Dam Removal?

Ice dams harm more than just gutters and roofs. They are also a leading culprit in causing water to leak into homes and buildings, undermining interior walls and framing, and damaging insulation, flooring, and wiring. Essentially, ice dams create incredibly expensive home repair problems.

Do-it-yourself ice dam removal methods encourage you to risk getting up on your roof to scrape snow off with a rake or attempt to chip ice off of your gutters. But these methods are dangerous, ineffective, and potentially damaging to your property.

Instead, protect your home or business with professional ice dam removal from our experts, who use cutting-edge technology to steam away ice dams safely. Schedule an inspection when you see ice dams form!

Superior Steam Power

Our team uses equipment similar to power washing tools that blast ice dams with steam. This steam-powered method is the safest and most effective way to remove ice dams. Instead of breaking the ice and potentially destroying your roof in the process, the hot steam melts ice and snow quickly so the water runs off your roof.

In just a few hours, your entire roof can be cleared of snow and your gutters free of ice dams. This method ensures that your roof will be protected and that trapped water can’t leak into your attic or walls, causing water damage.

Commercial Ice Dam Removal

Homes and buildings with steep slanting roofs are not the only properties that can benefit from professional steam-powered ice dam removal. Commercial properties and flat or low-slope roofed buildings should also rely on this service to prevent water damage.

Our crews are experienced in snow and ice removal from large or small-scale retail, office, warehouse, and apartment buildings with flat roofs. We clear off your roof quickly and coordinate with ground crews to ensure that no one around your building will be caught under the falling water, snow, or ice.

Protect Your Property With Professional Ice Dam Removal

Make ice dam removal easy this and every winter with the reliable team at Clean ‘N Seal! For safe and efficient service, call our Brainerd office at 218.232.3863 or reach out to us online, and our team will schedule a prompt removal.