Paver Cleaning

Paver Restoration Services in Brainerd, MN

  • Residential and commercial paver cleaning, sealing, and restoration
  • State of the art equipment and over 10 years of experience
  • Environmentally friendly techniques with long-lasting results
  • Polymeric joint sand replacement for stable surfaces that prevent weeds

Paver restoration is one of those projects with far more steps and complex techniques than you’d imagine. For starters, do your pavers need to be cleaned? A simple power washing isn’t going to cut it when trying to restore your patios and walkways to their original beauty! Pressure washing is the most effective way to clean the majority of outdoor surfaces, including pavers and concrete.

If your paver patio, walkway, or driveway needs work, choose your local experts at Clean ‘N Seal in Brainerd for comprehensive paver restoration services. You’ll get a deep, long-lasting clean that completely removes dirt, grime, stains, mold, and other growing things.

Effective & Eco-Friendly Paver Cleanin

Let us make the paver cleaning process cleaner and less wasteful! Clean ‘N Seal uses an environmentally friendly cleaning technique to remove stains and debris from your pavers effectively.

Our walk-behind cleaning machine pumps the water it uses back to a trailer, where it is filtered and sent back to the washing system. We recycle the water multiple times to minimize consumption and run-off at your home or business.

Because you receive such a thorough cleaning when hiring a pro, expertly cleaning your pavers also offers the best bang for your buck. Read our reviews for more reasons to choose us!

Paver Sealant to Seal in the Beauty

Should you seal your pavers? Yes, if you want to protect the beauty you just revealed with your professional cleaning service! Paver sealant prevents wear and tear, like cracks from temperature fluctuations, and provides a protective layer against stains and grime.

When and how you seal pavers matters to keep them looking their best for a long time. Our experts recommend paver sealing every three to five years for a polished residential or commercial exterior.

To ensure your pavers always look and perform at their best:

  • Seal after installing new pavers.
  • Seal after paver cleaning or restoration services
  • Seal as part of general maintenance
  • Seal when you notice discoloration

Paver Repair for Broken, Loose, or Uneven Surfaces

Securing one loose paver or replacing a broken one seems easy until you realize the whole structure may have settled, heaved, or shifted. Leave it to our paver restoration experts to correct the base and re-lay the pavers as needed. This job is labor intensive and requires the necessary tools and training.

Our methods use the most advanced equipment to provide exceptional results for your paver patios, walkways, and driveways. Get started today with a free estimate!

Water Management: Permeable Paver Joint Restoration

Minimize standing water on your paver patio, walkway, or plaza by hiring our team to restore your paver joints. Clean ‘N Seal uses permeable paver joint material (granite chips) to create a paver surface with adequate water filtration.

This creates a sustainable drainage system that allows rainwater and snowmelt into the ground quickly, creating dry and clear surfaces that are less slippery in the winter.

Uneven Pavers: Polymeric Sand Replacement

Loose or wobbling pavers are a safety hazard that can be resolved by replacing your joint sand. Clean ‘N Seal uses polymeric joint sand designed specifically for pavers – the leading industry standard for joint sand replacement. It hardens and stabilizes the sand around your pavers to lock them into place.

Enjoy pavers that stay safely in place for many years to come! Once polymeric joint sand hardens, it won’t wash off in the rain or blow away in high winds. It will keep insects and weeds out, so your paver surface always looks clean and brand new!

Restore Your Property Instantly With Paver Restoration

Clean ‘N Seal is ready to get the job done right the first time with exceptional, customer-centered service. Chat with an expert about paver restoration services today: Call us at 218-232-3863 or connect with us online.