Pool and Pool Deck Cleaning and Sealing

Twin Cities Pool Deck Cleaning and Sealing Professionals

Concrete Swimming Pool and Deck Cleaning And Sealing

Pool decks are a significant investment.  Cleaning and sealing your new or existing pool deck will keep it looking great for years. A freshly cleaned and sealed pool deck will resist fading and staining and be protected from the elements.

Clean ‘n Seal offers a wide range pool deck sealer colors and textures. Our sealers are available from no-gloss to high-gloss. We can provide a wide range of solid or semi-transparent colors, as well.  Our tinted sealers can help cover color variations or stains on the pool deck. We offer slip resistant sealers that improve traction on wet pool decks.

In Minnesota, especially, concrete sealers protect your pool deck from damage caused by the elements.  Your pool deck can be stained by a variety of materials – chlorine, salt, chemicals, leaves, dirt, fertilizer, pet urine, etc. Our sealers will prevent these types of stains.  Freeze/thaw damage can cause cracks and flaking.  Our sealers minimize surface water intrusion into your swimming pool deck.

Concrete Efflorescence Removal

Over time, white rings or haze can appear on concrete.  This discoloration, called “efflorescence” is caused by salt migrating to the surface.  Our environmentally-friendly concrete cleaning process can remove this unsightly discoloration.

Concrete Stain Removal

Concrete stains can be caused by automotive oils and grease, tire shine, iron from irrigation, hard water build up, grease & food grades oils. Our hot water or steam washing and water reclamation process removes most stains from concrete without damaging nearby grass, trees or other plants.

Concrete Sealer Removal

Failing concrete sealer, caused by poor sealer selection or application can create a dull haze on concrete.  Our chemical-free sealer removal process removes paver sealer easily and cleanly.  This process returns concrete to its original appearance without the need to replace or repair.

Concrete Repair

Concrete can be broken, cracked sunken or heaved after years of use.  Common causes for concrete damage include sub-soil settling, tree roots, heavy traffic or impacts, insects or rodents and joint sand erosion. Before every project we evaluate the condition of the concrete to determine if repairs are necessary. Upon review we discuss what options are best and come up with a plan to repair.

Concrete Sealing

We complete each concrete cleaning project by professionally sealing your surface.  Concrete sealing protects surfaces from UV rays, salt and ice melt, harsh weather, oil, grease and stains.  It also enhances the color, texture and brightness of your concrete while deterring insects and reducing concrete wear and tear.

Concrete Staining

Concrete staining can create a beautiful look for any indoor or outdoor concrete surface.  Staining will not affect the integrity of your concrete surface and will give it years of elegant integration with your home or business.  After we stain concrete, we seal the surface to protect the stain from UV light, weather impact and traffic damage.