Restoring the Beauty of Your Log Home: 4 Pro Steps

Restoring the Beauty of Your Log Home: 4 Pro Steps

Your log home is an investment that you cherish because, let’s face it, what is more picturesque than a Minnesota log cabin in the woods? Once you’ve built this lakeside dream home, you’ll want to ensure it remains a beautiful and safe sanctuary for you and your family.

Over time, your log home may start to deteriorate, and it's crucial to take action to bring it back to its former glory. Restoring your log home involves various techniques, and the team at Clean ‘N Seal recommends working with a log home restoration company that employs at least all of these steps when repairing, cleaning, and perfecting your cabin.

1. Assessment & Evaluation

Before you start any restoration work on your log home, it's vital to conduct an assessment and evaluation of the extent of the damage and to identify any issues such as decay, insect infestation, or weather damage.

Getting a professional evaluation of the log home helps you to determine the right approach to take when it comes to cleaning, sealing, or re-staining. Plus, good pros are meticulous and will find any problems if they are there. Then, they will guide you in putting together an appropriate plan of action.

2. Cleaning

Once you've assessed the damage to your log home, it's time for cleaning. Log homes require specialized cleaning to avoid damaging the wood. It's crucial to avoid pressure washing the logs yourself as it can result in water intrusion that may lead to rotting or cracking of the logs.

Instead, use a gentle cleaner and a soft-bristle brush to clean the logs thoroughly. Or rely on the media blasting services of a professional. While media blasting sounds dangerous, when it is performed correctly by experienced pros, it is an efficient and effective alternative to scrubbing logs by hand.

Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment designed for careful pressurized blasting and soft media, like corn cob, crushed walnut shells, or non-biodegradable glass beads, to gently remove stains, black spots, mold, and more.

A thorough cleaning leaves the logs looking sleek and more vibrant and prepares them for the next vital steps of sealing and staining.

3. Sealing

After cleaning the logs, the next step is sealing. Just like for other home exteriors, like driveways or paver patios, sealing is a critical step in the restoration process as it helps to protect your log home against moisture, insects, and UV rays.

It's essential to use a high-quality sealant that will withstand time and the elements. Talk with your log home restoring company about recommended brands and options that are important to you, like being eco-friendly or needing extra moisture resistance because of the location of your home.

Sealing is sometimes a skipped step as a way for homeowners to save money or time, but sealing your log home is the best way to enhance its durability and longevity, guard the wood against rot, and ensure you have a safe and beautiful log home for years to come.

The cost might be more upfront, but it will save you the expense of having to clean and repair your cabin frequently.

4. Re-staining

This is the fun part, where you get to enhance the vibrancy of your home and polish the finished product! Choosing the right stain color is essential as it can make a significant difference in the appearance of your log home, so work with your log home restorers to decide on a stain that best suits your aesthetics.

Applying a stain to the logs after sealing not only improves the appearance of the logs but also adds another layer of protection against UV rays that cause discoloration and weather conditions that can cause the logs to rot. Even if you want to maintain a natural look, a light stain should be used to preserve the wood.

Your Log Home Restoration Experts

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