Sealer Removal From Pavers And Concrete

One of our latest and greatest additions to Clean ’N Seal is chemically free sealer removal. This is done with our specialty blasting machines, which now have an option for a dustless form of sealer removal. Clean ‘N Seal media blasting services makes sealer removal easier and cleaner.

Failing sealer is often noticed by dull, hazed pavers after a sealer has been incorrectly applied or the wrong type of sealer was used. Although it may look like the concrete or pavers need to be replaced, we can fix it.

Make sure you have experts working on your concrete or pavers. Clean ‘N Seal experience avoids what can happen when sealers are removed with chemicals which can cause more harm than good. Our process makes it easy to to know how we affect the substrate we work over and our clean up is a snap!

We use the right media for the job and you can be assured of a quality and environmentally safe sealer removal process. Clean ‘N Seal is your ‘go to’ company for removing sealer from concrete and pavers.

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