Soda And Media Blasting For Graffiti Removal

Conventional methods of removing and cleaning graffiti typically involves chemicals and solvents, which is costly, time consuming and can damage the environment.

Soda blasting is the environmentally friendly, less expensive and faster method of removing graffiti from a building. Blasting doesn’t always necessarily use soda. A variety of media for blasting are employed today, depending on the job.

The best media used for graffiti removal depends on the surface being cleaned. Clean ‘N Seal can use all types of media with its soda blasting equipment, removing graffiti from brick, stone, concrete and any sensitive surface.

Clean ‘N Seal is your best alternative in the Twin Cities for graffiti removal because in addition to soda blasting with any type of media, Clean ‘N Seal has the experience in power washing and power steam cleaning to finish the graffiti removal job.

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