Automotive, Marine and Aircraft Paint Removal

Clean ‘N Seal media blasting services removes paint, rust and other coatings from automobiles, boats and aircraft where using conventional methods can be problematic. No one wants to sand, scrape, or use chemicals to remove paint from these things.

Media blasting has become a preferred method of removing paint from the bottom of boats. With our methods we can do this safely and be friendly to the marine environment.

Stripping a boat bottom can be messy work and our process solves that problem . Media blasting provides a clean and prepped surface, assuring your new coating to bond.

When it comes to removing paint from airplanes and automobiles, typical methods of stripping paint can be difficult and environmentally unsound. Media blasting offers options of various media, wet or dry, that can be fit to best remove the material from the surface you are dealing with.

At Clean ‘N Seal, our media blasting can get those coatings off in a fraction of the time, saving you from harsh chemical strippers and dusty sanding methods.

For your steel projects we can wet blast and keep heat down to prevent warping. Also with wet blasting we can add rust inhibitor which can help prevent flash rusting.

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