Pressure Washing Services

Twin Cities Pressure Washing Professionals

Pressure Washing

Clean ‘N Seal tackles large commercial pressure washing jobs with detail-oriented professionalism. We reclaim the water used during steam cleaning to allow our power washers to work while the business remains open.  Our ability to reclaim the water used in our commercial concrete steam pressure washing system is especially useful for parking lots and garages because road salt, dirt and grim can be removed in one section while others remain open for parking.

Clean ‘N Seal’s commercial pressure washer services are also ideal for shopping malls seeking clean concrete paver sidewalks and patios but don’t want to close stores to get them. Our water reclamation system allows our pressure washers to work without inconveniencing customers while providing a pressure steam cleaning service.

Full Service Commercial Concrete Cleaning Company

Parking lot owners and managers looking to clean the concrete in their parking garage get the benefit of Clean ‘N Seal’s stream pressure washing experience and also the company’s media blasting expertise.

In addition to steam pressure washing the parking garage or mall concrete to remove dirt, grime and road salt, Clean ‘N Seal can use media blasting to prepare for repainting or re-striping the lot or removing any graffiti or other hard-to-remove spots.