Permeable Paver Joint Restoration

Permeable Paver Joint Restoration

Clean ‘N Seal now offers a safe, convenient way to remove and replace compacted permeable paver joint material.  This unique process ensures that your permeable paver patio, plaza or walkway allows water to flow into the ground where it belongs.

Over time, permeable paver joint material settles and compacts, reducing the effectiveness of the design in moving water back to the soil. It can also lead to dangerous ice build-up, putting your family and guests at risk for slips and falls.  Our three-step permeable paver joint restoration process removes old, compacted joint material, replacing it with new granite chip.

Our permeable paver joint restoration process:

    1. Break-up of old, compacted joint material
    2. Removal of old material
    3. Replacement with new granite chip

After our process is complete, we perform an infiltration test to confirm that the new joint material is allowing water to pass from the surface back into the ground where it belongs.

Clean ‘N Seal is the obvious choice given the company extensive history restoring all types of commercial and residential exterior surfaces.

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