Paver Cleaning and Sealing

Twin Cities Paver Cleaning and Sealing Professionals

Paver Cleaning And Sealing

Our environmentally friendly cleaning technique will assure you will have a clean and neat project during our paver cleaning. During our paver cleaning we reclaim or suck out the debris between your pavers. We then install new joint sand, followed by a sealer. Our team will leave you with something to be proud of!

Using our state of the art equipment, we are able to use hot water power washing combined with a water reclamation system. These systems allow debris and wash water to be contained beneath a walk behind cleaning machine, which is then pumped back to a trailer.

At the trailer the water is filtered from the debris and solids, then sent back to the washing system. The water is recycled multiple times which minimizes the water consumption and run-off at your home or building.

Before we begin, we power edge all grass adjoining the pavers approximately 1/2”. This enables us to clean the entire paver surface. Our specialty edger safely edges the grass around pavers without damaging edges/corners or the edging restraint.

Paver Efflorescence Removal

Over time, white rings or haze can appear on pavers.  This discoloration, called “efflorescence” is caused by salt migrating from inside or below pavers to the surface.  Our environmentally-friendly paver cleaning process can remove this unsightly discoloration

Paver Stain Removal

Paver stains can be caused by automotive oils and grease, tire shine, iron from irrigation, hard water build up, grease & food grades oils. Our hot water or steam washing and water reclamation process removes most stains from concrete pavers without damaging nearby grass, trees or other plants.

Paver Sealer Removal

Failing paver sealer, caused by poor sealer selection or application can create a dull haze on pavers.  Our chemical-free sealer removal process removes paver sealer easily and cleanly.  This process returns pavers to their original appearance without the need to replace or repair.

Paver Joint Sand Replacement

Paver joint sand keeps insects and weeds out and stabilizes or ‘locks’ the pavers together. It also encourages water to run over the surface of the pavers rather than down the joints which can undermine the bedding sand and base.  We use polymeric paver sand that has a hardening characteristic to stabilize the sand and stands up to leaf blowers and won’t track into pools.

Paver Sealing

We complete each paver cleaning project by professionally sealing your pavers.  Paver sealing protects patios and walkways from UV rays, salt and ice melt, harsh weather, oil, grease and stains.  It also enhances the color, texture and brightness of your pavers while deterring insects and reducing paver wear and tear.

Paver Repair

Pavers can be broken, cracked sunken or heaved after years of use.  Common causes for paver damage include sub-soil settling, tree roots, heavy traffic or impacts, insects or rodents and joint sand erosion.  We start the paver repair process by removing pavers, replacing the bedding sand, re-laying the pavers and joint sand and vibratory compacting the entire surface.