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Concrete Restoration Experts in Hudson, WI

  • Residential & commercial concrete cleaning & sealing services
  • Paver cleaning, repair, & restoration specialists
  • High-quality, professional media blasting for all properties
  • Comprehensive assessments & pricing breakdowns on all projects

Let your buildings’ exteriors make the right, long-lasting impression with spectacularly clean concrete driveways, perfectly set paver patios, and protectively stained log cabins.

Our concrete, paver, and exterior restoration specialists pay attention to every detail to ensure your business or home’s outdoor surfaces are spotless and beautiful, whether that means power washing, concrete sealing, or media blasting tough stains away.

Get a full-service inspection and assessment for your property and enjoy a clean, inviting outdoor space you’re proud to be in every day!

Why Clean & Seal Concrete With the Clean ‘N Seal Experts?

It’s not just our more than 10 years of service to communities across Minnesota and Wisconsin that have earned us a reputation for excellence in concrete cleaning and exterior maintenance. We’ve been using that time to hone our skills and create dedicated crews who can handle any job.

  • Experienced Crews: From oil-stained suburban driveways to US Bank Stadium, our team has cleaned and restored it all. No matter how large or small your project is or what kind of restoration process it needs, our team has you covered.
  • Specialized Technology: Not only are our crews highly skilled in concrete cleaning, media blasting, and paver repair, but we also use state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees a spotless finish every time.
  • Eco-Friendly Services: We save the environment from harsh chemicals and excessive water use wherever we can! Our innovative water reclamation system and powerful blasting equipment reduce water waste and eliminate the dependence on products that are harmful to nature and your health.
  • On-Time & On-Budget: Our on-site consultations provide you with detailed estimates and a work schedule so you know exactly what to expect for your project. Plus, our team stays in contact with you and keeps you in the loop for our scheduled visits so you can always have peace of mind.

Refresh Your Hudson Exteriors With the Clean ‘N Seal Pros

Ready to see how stunning your pool decks, driveways, patios, walkways, parks, homes, and office spaces can look? Check out our gallery to get an idea of the kind of quality work we do.

Then contact our team to schedule a consultation, get a free estimate, and set up a restoration timeline. You’ll be amazed at how quickly we return your exterior surfaces to that brand-new look!

Why Clean, Seal Concrete Pavers At Your Rochester House?

Cleaning and sealing your concrete pavers extends the life of your patio and driveway by protecting the pavers from natural elements and reducing wear. Regular cleaning and sealing of concrete pavers at your Rochester house also improves their appearance, returning them to looking like new.

Free Estimates For Rochester Concrete Paver Cleaning, Sealing

We offer free concrete paver cleaning and sealing estimates or quotes for your Rochester home. A quote from Clean ‘N Seal is detailed and tailored to your home’s specific needs. Call 952-393-9588.

Get Your Hassle Free Estimate Today!

Commercial Steam Power Washer Services For Rochester

Clean ‘N Seal offers commercial pressure washer services with detail-oriented professionalism. Our commercial steam power washing service is ideal for parking lots and garages, shopping malls and restaurant patios in Rochester.

Our steam pressure washers fully clean concrete surfaces and pavers, removing grime, dirt, road salt and other accumulated stains from your parking garage or mall. We reclaim the water used during steam cleaning to allow our power washers to work while your business remains open and accessible.

Hear From Our Past Clean 'N Sealed Customers