Soft Wash Low Pressure Washing Service

Clean ‘N Seal now offers a safe, environmentally friendly low-pressure washing process to clean wooden decks, cedar shakes, roof shingles, stucco and more. This soft wash process extends the life of your home’s roof shingles and exterior.

Over time, Minnesota’s climate allows blue-green algae to grow on shingles, leaving black streaks. Moss growing on shingles and exterior surfaces causes unsightly “roof acne”. Our low pressure soft wash process removes algae and moss and rust stains without damaging the deck floor, shingles, shakes or siding.

At just a fraction of the pressure of traditional pressure washing, our soft wash process is safe on even the most delicate surfaces, including wooden decks, cedar shakes, roof shingles, stucco and more. The environmentally friendly process uses very little water and a biodegradable detergent that won’t leave residue or damage plants or distress pets.

Clean ‘N Seal is the obvious choice given the company extensive history cleaning all types of residential exterior surfaces.

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