Paver Cleaning And Sealing

Our environmentally friendly cleaning technique will assure you will have a clean and neat project during our paver cleaning. During our paver cleaning we reclaim or suck out the debris between your pavers. We then install new joint sand, followed by a sealer. Our team will leave you with something to be proud of!

Using our state of the art equipment, we are able to use hot water power washing combined with a water reclamation system.

These systems allow debris and wash water to be contained beneath a walk behind cleaning machine, which is then pumped back to a trailer.

At the trailer the water is filtered from the debris and solids, then sent back to the washing system. The water is recycled multiple times which minimizes the water consumption and run-off at your home or building.

Keeping the debris and wash water contained beneath the cleaning machine ensures the work area will not be left a mess like that of traditional power washing methods.

Hot water is key when cleaning pavers, especially during stain removal. Have you ever tried washing a greasy pan with cold water? Hot water power washing breaks down grease and oil, both automotive and food grade.

Lastly, all grass adjoining the pavers we are cleaning will be power edged away approximately 1/2”. This enables us to clean the entire paver surface. Our power edgers have the metal blade removed and a specialty attachment added before being put into service. Our specialty attachment allows us to safely edge the grass around pavers with damaging edges/corners or the edging restraint.