Acid Wash Cleaning Bricks, Masonry

Clean ‘N Seal is your professional, experienced partner for cleaning newly built brick and masonry walls, one of the final elements of a construction project.

Brick and mortar wall construction leaves behind mortar smears and dirt-related scuffing that needs to be removed before a new building is occupied.

This is where Clean ‘N Seal’s experience and expertise in commercial concrete and brick cleaning proves invaluable to its customers.

To acid wash masonry Clean ‘N Seal uses a proven, general purpose concentrated acidic cleaner which is the No. 1 seller for this work. It quickly cleans away the smears and dirt, leaving clean masonry without acid burning or streaking.

The new acid wash product is safer for cleaning new masonry than muriatic acid, which has been used historically but would commonly etch, bleach, streak or burn the masonry as part of the process.

Clean ‘N Seal is the obvious choice given the company extensive history working with cleaning all types of concrete surfaces from private paver driveways to large, commercial parking ramps to media blasting.

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