Commercial And Residential Services

Cleaning and sealing your concrete surfaces and landscape pavers helps keep them looking great longer and protects them for years of enjoyment. Properly sealed concrete and pavers resist water, stains and ultraviolet rays, enhancing the look and feel of your property.
Our professional cleaning service:

  • Cleans, seals, restores and resurfaces concrete and pavers
  • Commercial and residential paver repair, including heaving, sinking, cracked and damaged pavers
  • Fix subsurface issues below pavers
  • Cleans, seals and repairs retaining walls, making them look new
  • Paver restraint edging repair
  • Uses proprietary water filtration system that cleans and recycles water, protecting the environment
  • Provides complete power washing, joint stabilization and surface restoration to protect your residential or commercial investment
  • Polymeric sand haze removal
  • Is Minnesota DNR certified to work on waters infested by aquatic invasive species such as zebra and quagga mussels
  • Install polymeric sand and joint stabilizing sealer on paving stones to reduce weed growth, insects and sand wash out

We Provide Emergency Services

We also offer emergency services for spill clean up, ice dam steaming, interior water removal. So when you need help in a hurry, we’ll be there to assist you.