Media Blasting

Twin Cities Media Blasting Professionals

Media Blasting

Our professional media team can remove coatings, stains and graffiti from concrete driveways, floors and walls; wood decks; and metal surfaces and structures without chemicals or damaging the substrate.  We can remove almost any coating, from paint on an empty pop can to the thickest paints, epoxies, mill scale and sealers.

Fire Restoration

Soda blasting is the best method to clean fire damaged buildings, superior to employing elbow grease and chemicals or bleach to scrub away charred wood and remove the odor. Using a variety of media blasting, Clean ‘N Seal removes the visual damage caused by fire and smoke by stripping away charred wood, soot and smoke stains. Using soda as the media also removes the smell by using baking soda’s odor-killing properties. Media blasting not only is more effective, and better for the environment, than chemical solutions, it is also a faster process. That is particularly true when using a fan tip to blast the media.

Graffiti Removal

Conventional methods of removing and cleaning graffiti typically involves chemicals and solvents, which is costly, time consuming and can damage the environment. Soda blasting is the environmentally friendly, less expensive and faster method of removing graffiti from a building. Blasting doesn’t always necessarily use soda. A variety of media for blasting are employed today, depending on the job. The best media used for graffiti removal depends on the surface being cleaned. Clean ‘N Seal can use all types of media with its soda blasting equipment, removing graffiti from brick, stone, concrete and any sensitive surface.

Wood Deck Refinishing

If you have a wood deck that you are considering power washing to clean in an attempt to get it looking like new, consider refinishing the wood. Refinishing is different than washing the deck. Power washing can remove mold and mildew, but any stain and varnish remains. Soda blasting, or blasting with a different media, removes not only the mold and mildew from a wood deck but also strips away any varnish and stain, leaving only natural wood. Once the soda blasting is complete, the wood is exposed and ready for a new stain and sealing.

Industrial Coating and Rust Removal

Flaking paint and rust can cause many different problems. When these issues need to be addressed just re-coating it will only be temporary. Our media blasting services can remove most industrial coatings and rust, leaving a well-prepped surface the new coating will bond to for many years.

Aircraft, auto and marine blasting

Media blasting has become a preferred method of removing paint from the bottom of boats. We can do this safely without damaging the marine environment. Media blasting provides a clean and prepped surface, assuring your new coating will bond. Our media removes old coatings quickly and easily, avoiding harsh chemical strippers and dusty sanding.

We can use lower temperature wet blasting on steel to prevent warping.  We canalso  add rust inhibitor to prevent flash rusting.

Wet Blasting

Wet blasting, similar to dry blasting, uses compressed air and an abrasive media to remove a variety of materials from a surface. Clean ‘N Seal uses a variety of abrasive media determined by the substrate and the material to be removed.  Wet blasting minimizes dust, prevents metal warping and allows us to add rust inhibitors.