When you picture cleaning concrete — removing stains, gum or grime — what do you imagine?

The mental picture is likely a power washer shooting water at high pressure, and the operator swiping the power washer wand from side to side to push the water in a single direction.

While this may work for a residential two-car garage or a driveway, it’s not a practical way for a business owner or parking garage manager to clean concrete.

That’s because water that has collected pollutants or chemicals off of concrete — so-called ‘gray water’ — used by a business or permitted by a city likely can’t be sent down city storm sewer lines.

Increasingly, laws require proper disposal of gray water from concrete and other commercial building cleaning.

That is where Clean ‘N Seal separates itself from other concrete cleaners. Clean ‘N Seal will use hand-held pressure washing wands and surface cleaners without the water reclaim system when able, say if a business or parking garage has a built-in water reclamation system.

But Clean ‘N Seal has also invested in power steam washing equipment that includes built-in water reclamation, meaning the water used to clean concrete is reclaimed and run through filters and other treatments before being disposed.

Clean ‘N Seal’s power washing equipment pushes high-pressure steam onto the concrete at an angle using a wand spinning at high speed, and then uses vacuum pressure to pull the water off the concrete after it has removed stains, grime, oil and other pollutants.

The water is then filtered, cleaned and either reused or disposed of properly.

The ability to power wash concrete without water reclamation if the business has its own system, or having Clean ‘N Seal clean concrete with its water reclamation power washers, makes Clean ‘N Seal an ideal choice to offer a bid on commercial concrete cleaning projects.

For more information on how Clean ‘N Seal can help clean your concrete call 952-393-9588 today for a free consultation and estimate.